On the heels of the World Series championship of the St. Louis Cardinals comes bad news. The city was named the most dangerous in the country in the annual rankings by Morgan Quinto Press.

Reports The Associated Press:

A surge in violence made St. Louis the most dangerous city in the country, leading a trend of violent crimes rising much faster in the Midwest than in the rest of nation, according to an annual list.

The city has long fared poorly in the rankings of the safest and most dangerous American cities compiled by Morgan Quitno Press. Violent crime surged nearly 20 percent in St. Louis from 2004 to last year, when the rate of such crimes rose most dramatically in the Midwest, according to FBI figures released in June.

“It’s just sad the way this city is,” resident Sam Dawson said. “On the news you hear killings, someone’s been shot.”

The ranking, being released Monday, came as the city was still celebrating Friday’s World Series victory at the new Busch Stadium. St. Louis has been spending millions of dollars on urban renewal even as the crime rate climbs.

I lived in the St. Louis area for 11 years. It was where I met and married Amy, who was born and raised there. Neither of us likes to see this kind of news about our former home.