The Roanoke Times Sunday endorsed Democratic challenger Jim Webb in his quest to unseat Republican incumbent George Allen.

Said The Times in its editorial:

In Iraq and at home, America is on the wrong course, one mapped by the Bush administration and followed — in lockstep, eyes forward, no questions asked — by incumbent Republican Sen. George Allen.

Voters would be wise to select a better representative.

Democratic challenger Jim Webb is as independent a thinker as Allen is an administration parrot. Plus, Webb is feisty and smart.

Virginia and the nation will be served better by far if the commonwealth’s voters elect Webb to the Senate on Nov. 7.

His first priority as a senator, Webb said in an interview with the editorial board, would be to reorder the nation’s national defense and foreign policy, starting with Iraq. We strongly approve.

So do we here in Chateau Thompson. Webb came to Floyd last week for a campaign appearance at the Country Store with popular former Gov. Mark Warner. I listened to what he had to say and liked what I heard. I’ve also been present when George Allen hurled racist epithets and have no desire to have a bigot represent Virginia in the Senate.