warner1.jpg warner2.jpgTime was, you could gather all the Democrats in Floyd County together for a meeting and hold it in a phone booth.

Of course, that was also back when Floyd had a phone booth on Main Street in front of the Court House.

Times change and so do political makeups of counties like Floyd. Democrat Eric Ferguson came close to carrying Floyd County in the delegate’s race last year and former Democratic Gov.

Mark Warner is hoping his star power will give Senate candidte Jim Webb an edge in next Tuesday’s election. Warner brought his road show to Floyd last week for a political gathering at the Country Store.

Although he tried to bill it as a "non-political" event, it was pure politics for recently declared non-Presidential candidate Warner and actual candidate Webb.

The crowd turned out to be standing room only — about as big as a year ago when Warner held a town meeting in the Country Store. Guess we don’t need that phone booth any more.