The University of Virginia first year law student and blogger who sees disruption of George Allen campaign stops as his mission in life found himself handcuffed and led out of a gathering in Weyers Cave.

Reports the Associated Press:

A liberal blogger who was manhandled by supporters of Sen. George Allen this week was handcuffed by authorities and escorted from another rally Saturday after an Allen backer claimed the man pushed him to the ground.

Mike Stark told The Associated Press that sheriff’s deputies detained and released him. He was not charged.

“I’ll own this town,” Stark, a first-year University of Virginia law student, was overheard telling sheriff’s deputies as he was led away from the rally at Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport.

Stark said that he was attending the event as a reporter for the Air America Radio network’s “The Young Turks” show and that he wanted to ask Allen about his arrest record and why he didn’t do more to stop his supporters from wrestling him to the ground at a campaign event on Tuesday.

On Saturday, Allen supporters formed a human wall to block Stark’s access to the senator, who is in a tight election race with Democrat Jim Webb. As Stark tried to sidestep the wall, he brushed the side of a supporter, who fell. A deputy sheriff grabbed Stark, put his arm behind his back and led him away to the cheers of about 100 Allen supporters.

Stark said that he had little contact with the man and that he overheard him tell another supporter that he planned to “take a dive.”

The first time this happened Stark made the Allen campaign look bad. He should have left it at that. Now he is just viewed as another fruitcake that reflects badly on Webb supporters.