While at a gas station Thursday — the last day of June — I glanced at the license plate on my Harley and noticed the sticker read “Jun.”

“Oh hell,” I thought. “My plate expires today.”

I could go online, renew the plate and print out a confirmation that I could use in case a trooper or deputy stopped me before the new stickers arrived and with a three-day Fourth of July weekend approaching with what the law calls “enhanced enforcement,” I decided to head for the DMV office in Galax — the ones where lines are usually the shortest — and pay the extra five bucks to renew the stickers in person.

So I rode from Floyd to Galax where only two cars sat in the parking lot of the DMV. I rushed in, filled out the form for renewal and marched triumphantly to the counter to renew my plate.

The lady behind the counter looked at the form, pulled my registration up on the computer, and looked perplexed.

“Sir,” she said. “Your plate registration is good until June 2012.”

“Huh,” I muttered. “You’re kidding.”

“No sir,” she said. “You’re OK for another year.”

I looked again at my vehicle registration card. Yep, the expiration date was June 2012. I had renewed it for two years last year — not one.

I left the DMV office feeling like an idiot.

Not the first time I’ve done something dumb and stupid — and I’m sure it won’t be the last.