Up, for the most part, all night and we still don’t know who won the Senate race here in Virginia.

Webb is ahead but a margin of under 10,000 votes with 2.6 million votes cast means an almost certain recount — probably a repeat of last year’s attorney general race when it took weeks to learn the eventual winner.

They’re still counting votes in Montana where Republican incumbent Conrad Burns trails challenger Jon Tester by about 1800 votes. If the Dems take both races they control the Senate. They won the House by an overwhelming majority.

Unfortunately, the anti-gay marriage amendment won in Virginia, gathering 57 percent of the vote. In Floyd County, the preachers did their job of motivating voters from the pulpit and it gave the amendment a margin of 66 percent. The Bible belt still has our county in a tight cinch.

Allen carried 57 percent of the Floyd County vote — a drop from the 65 percent he received six years ago and far below the 63 percnet margin that incumbent Democratic Congressman Rick Boucher pulled down.

I’m going to get some sleep.