Phillip Contos from Parish, New York, thought it would be cool to ride his Harley-Davidson without a helmet last weekend as part of a protest against that state’s laws requiring riders to wear head protection.

Now he’s a cool corpse.  Contos lost control of  his bike under hard braking, flew over the handlebars and struck his unprotected head on the pavement.

“The doctor felt that the death could have been prevented if he simply had been wearing a helmet,” New York State Trooper Robert Jureller told Reuters. “He hit the brakes, lost control, was ejected and struck his head on the road. He suffered a skull fracture.”

Sadly, too many bikers think it is “cool” to ride without a helmet. Some claim those who ride should have the choice to ride with or without head protection.

As a motorcyclist, I think anyone who rides without a helmet is a fool but I also don’t care much for many government regulations that are designed to protect people from their own foolishness.

New York currently requires motorcyclists to wear helmets. Cantos and his buddies chose to break the law to make what they felt was their point about helmet laws.

Cantos made his point and he paid for making that point with his life.

It was his choice. It was also a bad, fatal choice.

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