Looks like Jim Webb took the Senate race in Virginia, providing the final nail in the coffin of what was once Republican control of Congress. The Democrats now have two years to prove they can handle the job. Given the level of voter anger we saw on Tuesday night, they had better deliver.

Got a nasty email from a GOP supporter of outsted incumbent George Allen, accusing me of helping defeat the Senator because of my story about his racial slurs.

I doubt that my story had that much effect on Allen. His many missteps had already doomed his campaign and the barrage of negative ads that he and the Republican Party unleashed on the Commonwealth in the final days turned off many voters.

But if my story helped end Allen’s career, let me say “good riddance.” The man deserved to lose and if I helped paint him as the racist and bigot he is, then I was doing my job as a journalist.

And if Jim Webb fails to deliver on his campaign promises, I’ll be first in line to nail him.