Sadly, Amy and I have decided to close our studio, Blue Ridge Creative, at The Jacksonville Center. Our departure ends a three-year stint as one of the original tenants of the Center.

Opening the studio brought us to Floyd — a homecoming for me and a new home for Amy. But the studio never evolved as we envisioned. I had hoped to use it as a quiet refuge to work on video and photo projects and catalog 40 years of work. Amy hoped to use it for sculpture.

But we got involved in so many other activities that took away available time that could have been used in the studio. I shoot high school sports and cover county government and courts for The Floyd Press plus I have a number of out-of-county business interests that demand my time and attention. Amy is involved in volunteer activities that keep her busy.

So the studio closes at the end of the month so we can concentrate on the many other activities that make life in Floyd so enjoyable.