Dale Jr. and the Dahm triplets: Hypocrisy, thy name is NASCAR

NASCAR’s firing of Sprint Cup Girl Paige Duke showcases just how hypocritical the so-called “sport” is when it comes to treatment of different people at different levels of their sideshow.

Duke got the ax because some six-year-old nude photos that she sent her then-boyfriend surfaced on the Internet. We can argue until the cows come home over whether or not the then-18 year old college freshman should have posed for the photos but how many of us did something similarly stupid when we were young?

But while NASCAR acts holier-than-thou over Duke’s lapse in judgment it did nothing in 2003 when Dale Earnhardt Jr. snapped nudie photos of the Dahm triplets for Playboy magazine and posed with the naked-as-a-jaybird threesome for photos that appeared on the magazine’s “members-only” web site.

NASCAR also actively courts IRL driver Danica Patrick, a piece of eye candy better known for appearing in FHM magazine in various stages of undress and showing lots of skin in the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

Ironically, Patrick’s attempts to prove herself in NASCAR have come at the wheel of a Nationwide Series car owned by Earnhardt Jr. — who also appears to be a better celebrity than driver.

Of course, this is all about money and Earnhardt Jr. — despite his lackluster record on the racetrack — has a loyal and rabid legion on followers and Patrick is a draw even though she has only one IRL win on her resume.

Paige Duke isn’t a money machine for NASCAR, so she is expendable.

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