If Floyd’s tea party would stick to facts they might have a legitimate role in public debate.

But like their counterparts nationwide, the tea party here too often deals with hyperbole, muddying their message with conspiracy theories and disinformation.

Some of their spokesmen equate updates to Floyd County’s comprehensive plan as part of a perceived United Nations plot to turn this area — and the United States — into some sort of socialist, communal society.

They claim the New River Valley — and Floyd County — are coming under the spell of the UN’s “Agenda 21” and issue dire warnings of the consequences.

Claims one local blogger and tea party activist:

You may think that there is no way the UN will have an effect on your lifestyle, but the plans to that effect have already been approved by many Virginia municipalities.  There is a movement in the New River Valley that threatens not only your property rights, but your way of life.  Efforts by government and UN agencies operating under the umbrella of Agenda 21 are being stepped up to reach implementation goals which involve regionalizing water resources, new ordinances,  and massive rezoning based primarily on generally discredited Global Warming scenarios.

What’s next? Black helicopters on the ridges and concentration camps in Indian Valley?

The comprehensive plan is nothing more than an attempt to bring some order to the chaos of Floyd County’s unbridled growth. It examines community needs and balances those needs against the rights of property owners. You can read the plan at this link. It is the result of a lot of hard work by a lot of good people who do not deserve the innuendo and propaganda that is being spread.

The tea party is a phony grassroots movement that is itself a sham — a carefully-conceived, consultant-driven program funded by right-wing billionaires who want to impose a repressive agenda on everyone else.

They recruit those who fear change. They use misinformation, propaganda and manufactured “facts” to support their cause.

Recently, the group brought in Alabama’s Don Casey, a right-wing “citizen’s rights” advocate.He’s been all over the Old Dominion whipping the tea party faithful into a conspiracy-dazed frenzy.

On Tuesday night, the tea party will try to pack the county planning commission meeting to try and stop a long-needed upgrade to the county’s comprehensive plan.

In today’s surreal political environment anything can — and most likely will  — happen.

(Updated on July 18)

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