When I first read Christian Trejbal’s commentary in The Roanoke Times, the one entitled Southwest Virginia is for haters, I knew the feedback to the paper would be loud and filled with misplaced pride over the area’s so-called “values.”

Sadly, I was right. The message board on The Times Web site is filled with just the kind of hate that Trejbal so aptly described.

So, of course, I had to throw in my nickel’s worth:

The tone of so many of the responses posted here proves just how correct Christian is in his blunt assessment of the region. Hate flows off the page.

I’m a Floyd Countian who worked for The Times from 1965-69 before leaving the area for 35 years.

When I returned in 2004, it saddened me to see intolerance and bigotry still existing so openly, ministers still preaching it from the pulpit and the Klan still holding rallies at Burnt Chimney and flying the Stars and Bars while marching in parades in Carroll and Grayson counties.

Traditions die hard in the Commonwealth, especially the bad ones. The fact that the anti-gay marriage amendment passed so easily and that Southwestern Virginia almost kept George Allen in office proves that.