The thermometer reads 35 outside although the sun on the trees makes it look warmer from the inside. Obviously, looks are deceiving.

But I’m not outside, nor am I going out for the next day or two. The doctor orders rest along with the usual lecture about pushing too hard, working too many hours and trying to do too much.

I hit the wall Friday afternoon, after a long morning in court covering the first day of the new Circuit session. Dizziness plus a lack of balance set the first warning signs. I know the symptoms: Been there, got that, spent the next few in an emergency room getting pumped full of fluids with an IV. This time I knew the feeling before they had to call the paramedics.

So I went home and went to bed.

Exhaustion is a devious physical ailment. Often driven by dehydration, it sneaks up on you and stops you cold just when you need energy the most. I was supposed to spend Friday afternoon getting my studio ready for WinterFest, the annual arts and crafts fair at The Jacksonville Center.

Not this year. A sign on the door says we’re closed due to illness. Most probably assume it’s Amy’s infected sinuses, which felled her just before Thanksgiving.

But this time it’s me, the incurable workaholic who too often drives himself to exhaustion even in retirement. Four straight days of working all day and then attending nighttime meetings took their toll.

The body said “no more,” and the mind, while wanting to go on, reluctantly agrees. So I’ll stay home and rest. Might work on the computer when I feel like it but otherwise, I’m sleeping in this weekend.