The exhaustion that led to taking some time off weekend before last morphed during the week into full-blown bronchitis with a dash or two of other illnesses that can easily knock a 58-year-old man (soon to be 59) off his feet.

After a week of taking it easy, I honored a commitment to shoot the girls’ basketball game at Floyd County High School Friday night. Big mistake. That brief trip into arctic air increased my body temperature and added to the already dangerous level of congestion in my lung.

Spent most of Saturday and Sunday in bed, with occasional trips to the computer to keep Capitol Hill Blue updated. That’s the problem when you run a news web site that is, nowadays, pretty much a one-man show. The news goes on, even if the combination publisher-editor-reporter-janitor is sick.

Maybe another day in bed will allow me to get my bearings and be up to covering the monthly board of supervisors meeting as well as a jury trial in Circuit Court.