Crashed pretty hard Sunday after a long week of both work and riding.

Started out Monday with a hot day of shooting high school golf at Great Oaks Country Club.  Finished the evening shooting video for a television station at the Galax Fiddlers Convention.

Long board of supervisors meeting on Tuesday, marked by a 66-minute long public comment session with some fact, some hyperbole and too many ringing cell phones. Then long-time activist J.C. Holden took the podium to deliver an hour-long tirade — along with the treat of a class action lawsuit — against what he called discrimination in selective enforcement of the county’s subdivision ordinance.

I’ve known J.C. since high school. He’s always been over the top but this performance was even more off the wall than usual.  He quoted the Bill of Rights, the Bible and the Constitution — usually out of context.  The board gave him 30 minutes to speak. He took almost an hour.

Back to Galax Tuesday night.

Wednesday included a ride to Wytheville for a 57,500-mile oil change for my Harley and a bunch of other errands that have backed up with a busy schedule.  Then back to Galax.

Thursday was an 18-hour-day with a 350-mile ride to Washington DC to meet with two old friends. Left the house before dawn.  Got home at 12:15 a.m. Thursday.

Friday became a day for shooting a photo assignment for one news service, then back to Galax for another round of video.

Another pre-dawn departure on the bike on Saturday for a ride to Richmond for a legislative roundtable, arriving back home as darkness and rain fell.

Hit the wall Sunday.  Wiped out. Exhausted. Sore.

All right. I’m human. I’m also 63 years old. Just can’t keep up the pace like I used to.