Debris covers the floor of the Miller's Mart food store in Mineral, Va., a small town northwest of Richmond near the earthquake's epicenter. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Shake, rattle and roll hit Virginia Tuesday with a 5.9 earthquake centered in the Old Dominion.

Windows rattled, pictures dropped from the walls and a few things fell from their perches.  No significant damage unless you count frayed nerves after the guy upstairs reminded us that he’s still boss.

Amy felt the tremor while showering.  I was on the road on my motorcycle and felt nothing. Hard to notice something as minor as an earthquake when you’re on a Harley. They shake enough.

In Mineral, VA, near the epicenters, boxes of foot products littered the floor of a grocery store. One of the spires at Washington National Cathedral is missing in the nation’s capital.  The National Park Service closed the Washington Monument after a crack appeared near the top.

The folks who know about earthquakes say Tuesday’s rumble was the worst to hit the East Coast in 67 years.

And, they say, we may get an aftershock or two.

So where were you when the earth shook Tuesday afternoon?

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