We celebrated New Year’s Eve at Oddfellas Cantina last night, sharing a table with blogger/author/photographer Fred First and pharmacologist/wife Anne and, during breaks from the stage, musician guitarist Bernie Coveney and his good friend Rebecca.

Many other friends filled the restaurant on the last night of 2006: Master litigator Jonathan Rogers and wedding photographer to the stars/wife Jeri occupied another table with their family; pathologist turned artist Dennis Ross and photographer/artist/wife Suzi at another while falconer/author/activist Lee Chichester and husband Jack Russell entertained family at another.

Jazz guitarist John Winnike and his wife dropped by for dinner and John ended up on stage with Bernie, bassist Chris Luster and Oddfellas owner/singer/guitar player/actor/roustabout Rob Neukirch.

We brought home enough leftovers to get us through New Year’s Day but none of what we brought home fits into my annual New Year’s Resolution diet plans. After what I’ve gone through the last month with pneumonia/bronchitis/exhaustion/anemia/etc, I may show more determination to stick to this year’s plan to eat less, exercise more, and try to get what is left of my aging body back into shape.

Time will tell, as will the next 364 days to determine how 2007 racks up against the previous years.

We celebrated the end of the year last night with good friends, good food and good music.

May the New Year bring more of the same.