In Floyd, they say things change slowly but we have a lot of changes on the restaurant scene.

Mama Lazzardos, I’m told, closed for good this past weekend, finally giving up the ghost after months of struggling. Liz’s declining health was a contributing factor.

Tuggles Gap remains “closed for rennovation” while rumors swirl over whether or not the restaurant and motel have, in fact, been sold. The deal was set but then delayed. Now we hear the sale has fallen through and Tuggles will reopen under old ownership.

Meanwhile, The Harvest Moon, caught up in a divorce battle, is the subject of a lot of local speculation. Margie Ryan says she is still the owner of the Moon and plans to remain so for the future. She and her estranged husband Tom has put the property and buildings up for sale but Margie says she will retain ownership of the business although the fate of the Over the Moon Cafe and Gallery and still a question mark. We can only hope that this valuable community resource is not destroyed, as too many things are, because of a disintegrating marriage.

Stay tuned.