Over the years, I’ve looked down at Linux as a second-rate operating system. Much of this stems from an early use of the software on a RAQ server some years ago. So I’ve stuck with Windows and Sun Solaris operating systems for my servers.

Sean Pecor over in Franklin County has long suggested I take a second look at Linux, noting that Google runs its giant operation on the system.

So I set up a Linux server Friday, using the latest stable release of RedHat and Apache along with PhP and MySQL and ported DougThompson.Com over to it on a WordPress 2.07 installation.

Have to admit I’m impressed, although we’re only talking about 12 hours of actual run time. Good speed and stability. I’m going to keep playing with it for the next few weeks and, if tests pan out, I may port some other web sites off Windows to it and, hopefully, get away from the endless glut of security patches necessary to keep a Windows server running smoothly.

I’ll keep you posted.