Picked up our John Deere lawn tractor from S.G. Wimmer and Sons in Christiansburg this morning, complete with new transmission, replaced under warranty, and a whole not more energy when it comes to climbing hills.

The service tech at Wimmer confirmed the old tranny was shot, slipping so much that it even slowed on level ground. The new transmission, a hydrostatic automatic like the old one, makes the two-year old tractor feel like a new machine.

I unloaded it from the trailer and tested it on the hills and dales of Chateau Thompson. No problem with a single hill. If anything, the tractor has more power on hills than it did when new. Makes me wonder if there was a problem with the transmission from the beginning.

Also makes me wonder if Deere knows they have a problem with the transmission. Wimmer didn’t have to order a new transmission. They had one in stock, even though the our model is now out of production.