Snow and ice and freezing rain dominate the weather forecasts today. Our weather station shows a falling barometer and warnings keep popping up on the computer screen. The National Weather Service in Blacksburg has issued a “wintry mix” warning.

What, you may wonder, exactly is a “wintry mix?” A little bit of everything: Snow, sleet, freezing rain. They say we could face a quarter inch of ice on the ground by 6 a.m. Monday. Or it could be less, depending on where you live.

The temperature outside is 27.6 degrees as I write this, prime conditions for a “wintry mix” but not cold enough to give us a hard coat of ice, unless the mix continues overnight (which is predicted) and the temps fall into the teens (which is not predicted). With a high tomorrow predicted to be in the 40s, this one won’t stick around long.

The storm bringing all this fun and games is sweeping up from the south, the second such freezer to come from that direction this year. Normally, winter storms come from the west and north.

We will keep the fires lit in the upstairs and downstairs fireplaces and watch this one from the warmth of inside.