After a long, busy weekend (and beyond) moving my political web site, Capitol Hill Blue, to a new server and a new publishing platform, based on WordPress, I’m considering moving Blue Ridge Muse to a new publishing system.

I’ve been using Movable Type since starting Muse in 2004 and it has served me well. We’ve installed MT for a number of clients and most are happy with the results.

However, like many, I’m concerned about MT’s move towards corporate publishing and big money and away from the cadre of users that made it a popular platform for so many years. It also depends heavily on Perl and static web pages and can take forever to rebuild on ultra-large sites. I saw this obsession with making money happen with Ultimate Bulletin Board, a popular forum software package that has morphed into Groupee, an expensive managed publishing platform that leaves small and medium size users out in the cold.

But which way to go? WordPress appears to be serving the needs of Capitol Hill Blue, now running at speed on a Linux box. WP is written in PHP and runs fast on a MySQL database. But it is not as friendly in image handling as I’d like and Muse is primarily a photo site.

I’m testings a couple of content management systems, Joomla and Drupal, for possible use on Muse as well as two other web sites. Both have potential.

Anyone out there have experience with any of these packages or thoughts on others? Advice is welcome and solicited.