AEP (Always Erratic Power) called shortly before 9 p.m. Monday. Actually, their machine called with a recorded message to let us know the power had been out during last week’s ice storm.

Amy listened to their litany of excuses on why they couldn’t restore power for as long as a week for some Floyd County homes. I wouldn’t have wasted the time. I’ve had it with AEP’s excuses, lies and shoddy customer service. The simple fact is they screwed up big time and they owe their customers a lot more than standard corporate propaganda. At the least, every AEP customer should get a refund from their overpriced electric bills for the inconvenience plus for any cash outlay for generator fuel, hotel stays, frozen water pipes or other problems.

Won’t happen. AEP doesn’t give a damn about its customers. The greedy capitalists who control the power monopoly only care about “return to shareholders” and most of them are too smart to live in an area served by AEP,