This showed up in the email today from Tom Ryan, the on-again, off-again owner of Over the Moon.

Back On The Market!

Ever dreamed of semi-retirement, a life of leisure, expensive vacations in Europe, long weekends & making money hand over fist? Me too, but then I decided to open a cafe.

As of February 19th, Over The Moon Cafe is back on the market & available to the ‘right’ person….

If you possess that special trait we’re looking for (U.S. currency) it’s quite possible you are that ‘right’ person. If on the other hand you only have that quintessential ‘Floyd Vision’…… might we suggest, you inquire at the old Lazardo’s establishment!

All kidding aside, the sale of Over The Moon fell through. In that we wasted four months on the previous negotiations & my supply of ‘free’ wine and beer is limited, I’m relying on the Floyd rumor mill to get the word out pronto to the usual suspects.