Parkway ButterflyI may have grown up in these parts but I’m the first to admit I don’t know a damn thing about the flora, fauna or creepy-crawly critters that inhabit the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Take butterflies. People ooh and ahh about them all the time. To me, they’re just insects with big wings.

But this butterfly did catch my attention one recent Sunday morning on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Instead of flying away, as most do when you approach, he (she or it) stayed in one place, occassionally flapping its wings, as I hovered about shooting photos from various angles. A

ccording to Floyd County’s first (and foremost) blogger Fred First (Fragments From Floyd) this particular winged insect is a swallowtail, although in the interests of full disclosure I did not see it try once to swallow its tail (or anything else).

It just sat there and posed but did not demand a modeling fee. I also realize that by photographing this insect, I am venturing into Fred’s sacred territory. Fred, you see, is the official photographer of all things flora, fauna and insect within the boundries of Floyd County.

Sorry Fred. The opportunity was just too good to pass up.