022607jamboree1.jpg 022607jamboree2.jpgBarbershop Grass (above and left), one of the anchor bands of Floyd’s famous Friday Nite Jamboree, felt like a red-headed stepchild in a recent photo shoot that ran on this blog and in The Floyd Press.

Seems I had a photo of every band that played during the reopening of the country store except them. It wasn’t a slight but an oversight.

I took a break for dinner from 8:30 to 9:30 during that shoot and that’s when BG almost always appears on stage for the Jamboree.

I had a couple of photos of the band but neither made it into the final layout.

So I went back Friday night to concentrate on the band and the crowd during the 8:30 to 9:30 hour.

The visit also gave me a chance to capture some crowd favorites from the weekly event (below) and add more faces to my portfolio. Floyd County blogging dean Fred First was somewhere in the madness as well but we missed each other but Fred also has a report over on his Fragments from Floyd site.