Another Doug Thompson: The one who killed his wife

I don’t shock easily but an email sent today by a reader jolted me.

“According to the Internet, you killed your wife,” she emailed.

The link included with her email brought forth a story from Illinois that Douglas Thompson, 63, was tried in Illinois for killing his wife.

The headline was chilling: “Prosecutor: Doug Thompson’s clothing was covered with wife’s blood”

Yikes. I’m 63. Amy and I used to live in Illinois, where I wrote for a newspaper for 12 years.

But I’m not that Doug Thompson, even though he’s the same age and we were apparently lived in the same state at one time.

Doug Thompson, 63, of Lake County, Illinois, was charged with killing his wife Beverly. My wife’s name is Amy. My one ex-wife’s name was Janet.  She’s alive and well in Bozeman, Montana.

Family members found the body of Beverly Thompson last year.  Her husband of 41 years claimed he had an alibi.  A Lake County jury disagreed.  The trail started on Tuesday, October 25, and the jury returned a guilty verdict on Thursday, October 27. He will be sentenced on Dec. 1.

I too have an alibi. On Tuesday, October 25, I was in Floyd, photographing the last home game of the season for the high school volleyball team.  Unlike the other Doug Thompson, my alibi checked out. My photos appeared in last week’s Floyd Press.