They say it was a nice weekend. I wouldn’t know.

After a tough three days fighting some damn bug that laid me low, the will to live has returned.  Today I will venture out for the first time since Friday morning.

Busy week coming up.  Have to finish up a video from last week’s board of supervisors meeting, write three stories from the meeting for this week’s Floyd Press and get ready for a long day in Circuit Court on Tuesday.

I have some exciting projects in the works, ones that have been dormant for far too long.  With luck, I can get some of them back on-line for public consumption.

A friend over breakfast last week wondered if everything is all right.

I wondered why.

“You’re not your old self,” he said. “You’re not stirring up trouble.”

I had to laugh. I’ve never set out to “stir up trouble.”  I just seems to happen but lately I do find myself avoiding fights and controversies.  I keep trying to remember that I came here to retire and relax and finding myself in the middle of things does not fit either goal.

I want to take pictures, shoot video and — when time and weather permit — head out on the open road on my Harley.

I’ve served my time in the trenches.  Time for others to take up the good fight.