Tuggles Gap is open again…under old ownership. Cheri reports that she has reopened the restaurant, which was closed after a sale that fell through.

The reopened Tuggles is smoke free so nicotine addicts will have to look elsewhere.

Speaking of sales that fall through, Floyd’s current soap opera — the on-again, off-again sale of the Harvest Moon building and properties, remains the talk of the town.

I told Tom Ryan the other night I might consider buying the place and turning it into a 24-hour adult video store with lap dancers in the upstairs locations of the old Over the Moon. We could put up a neon sign that says “Truckers Welcome.”

In a town where fru-fru, “gourmet coffee” and tofu threaten to overtake the landscape, it might bring in the tourist business that Floyd wants so badly.

We could call it “FloydBreast.” Could wipe “Dollywood” right off the map.