Our Wrangler is back on the road, thanks to the techs at Turman-Yeatts and the attention of Andrew Lewis.

They found a catastrophic failure of the clutch assembly when they took out the transmission. The hydraulic slave failed and the fork that controls the clutch action had a large gouge in it from the damage. Pieces of the clutch assembly lay in the bell housing of the transmission.

Ironically, the clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing — the parts that Haynes Jeep in Richmond claimed had failed — weren’t damaged. Since they had 55,000 miles worth of wear, I agreed with a recommendation to go ahead and replace those parts as well.

A decision on whether or not Chrysler will pay for any of the repairs under my extended warranty is pending but even if they don’t, I’m happy with the knowledge that Turman-Yeatts tried — something Haynes was not even willing to do — and that the final cost will not be anywhere near the sky high prices that the Richmond dealer would have charged. The day that Bernie Coveney and I spent towing the Wrangler from Richmond to Floyd was well worth the time and effort.