Ross Truett Ashley (Photo from Virginia State Police)

If you can believe those giving interviews to reporters about Ross Truett Ashley, the 22-year-old parttime Radford University student who gunned down a Virginia Tech police officer Thursday before blowing his own brains out, the murdering young man was just a “quiet, typical college student.”

Yet this typical, quiet college student — who made the Deans List at UVA-Wise — recently shaved his head and ran up and down the halls of his apartment building in Radford, where he stole a Mercedes-Benz SUV from his landlord the day before he decided to kill a cop for no apparent reason.

Virginia State Police identified Ashley Friday, saying the agency was sure he was the one who walked up to Tech police officer Deriek W. Crouse early Thursday afternoon and shot him in the head while the officer was sitting in his car following a routine traffic stop on the Blacksburg campus.

Ashley then fled to a campus parking area called The Cage and killed himself as a deputy closed in.

The part time student at Radford University lived in an apartment above a yogurt shop, consignment store and tattoo parlor in Radford. Neighbors said he was mostly quiet, although he had a habit of running up and down the hallway of the three-story apartment building.

Mandy Adams, a Radford grad student, told the Associated Press that Ashley recently shaved his head.

“He would just run down the hallway — never walk, always run,” Adams said. “It’s going to be really creepy when they come to stake his stuff out of here.”

Really creepy?  Some might think that a guy who runs up and down an apartment building hall and who shaved his head might be creepy as well. What do you call it when that same “quiet, typical college student” walks up to a police car and kills a war veteran, husband and father of five?

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