It was one of those ominous things you don’t want to see when you fire up your Mac in the morning: a blank space where a disk drive icon should be.

In this case, a blank spot that means a 1 terabyte disk drive that holds many of your video and photo files is not booting properly.

So I loaded Mac’s disk utility program and ran the repair function. It came back “unrepairable, damaged node.”

“Damaged node” means not good. I have backup files but not another 1TB drive to hold the files.

I checked online and found a 750GB drive on sale at Best Buy. I have an unused 250GB drive that will make 1TB when combined with the 750GB so I reserved the drive for pickup at the Roanoke store and planned to pick it up Wednesday afternoon.

But a change in sports events at Floyd County High School shifted a track meet to Wednesday afternoon so I had to wait until after the meet to head down the mountain.

Picked up the drive, installed it late Wednesday night and then started the backup restore. The box that estimates time remaining said “about 9 hours.”

Oh well. I have other things to do.