Friday night in Floyd. Always a special night.

Normally, I tour the restaurants and music venues along Locust Street with a camera. Not this night. I left the cameras at home and went to hear the music.

Started at Oddfellas Cantina where Bernie Coveney, Chris Luster and restaurant owner Rod Neukirch entertained a full house of diners. I poured a cup of coffee and sat on an available bench to listen to the music.

Next stop the Floyd Country Store and the Friday Nite Jamboree. Another cup of coffee and an hour of so of toe-tapping bluegrass by Mac Traynham’s group in the jammed store.

On to Cafe del Sol where guitarist, singer and composer Joel Venditti also played to a full, appreciative house.

Wanted to stop by The Blackwater Loft to hear Floyd County High School senior Atticus Stovall’s guitar and vocals but the crowd overflowed out onto the second floor balcony so I headed back to Oddfellas for dinner and more music by Bernie, Chris and Rob. A fantastic meal of pan-seared trout. More coffee.

Stayed until they closed the place. Damn, it was fun.