Of all the tools in my video equipment bag, the tiny GoPro HD Hero is the most fun to use.

The small videocam is a single-function, deep-focus, extreme wide-angle device that I can mount of my motorcycle handlebars or stick in some inconspicuous place to shoot incredible high definition video.  It’s not fancy, or expensive, but is an essential tool because of its ability to view things from a unique perspective.

Here’s a short video of clips shot over the past couple of years with the GoPro.  I recently replaced the camera with the next generation HD Hero 2, which provides better definition, better low-light capability and more bells and whistles — including slow-motion, which I haven’t tried out yet but will in the near future.

Fellow riders will recognize some of the roads:  Virginia Rte. 8 down Woolwine Mountain, U.S. 11 over Draper Mountain, U.S. 52 down from Lovers Leap and Squirrel Spur.

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