With two new members and a new chairman and vice chairman, the Floyd County Board of Supervisors has a new look this year. Here’s a short video with the new and old faces of the board and various elected and appointed officials.

Missing are the new treasurer Missy Keith and Commissioner of Revenue Lisa Baker as well as Circuit Clerk Wendell Peters. They were not present at the first board meeting of the year. We will try to capture them on video later at a later meeting.

Just so everyone knows who the players are:

Board of Supervisors:

Casey Clinger: Locust Grove District (New Chairman: Currently in middle of first term as a supervisor)
Virgel Allen: Little River District (Vice Chairman: Just starting his second term)
Fred Gerald: Indian Valley (The longest serving member of the board)
Joe Turman: Burks Fork (New supervisor)
Lauren Yoder: Locust Grove (New supervisor)

Appointed County Officials
County Administrator: Dan Campbell
Assistant Administrator: Terri Morris
Director of Economic Development: Lydeana Martin
Director of Social Services: Carl Ayers

Elected County Officials
County Sheriff: Shannon Zeman
Commonwealth’s Attorney: Stephanie Shortt
Circuit Clerk: Wendell Peters
Treasurer: Missy Keith
Commissioner of Revenue: Lisa Baker

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