The folks at Virginia Living magazine, the glossy publication that glorifies a lifestyle that may or may not exist in the Old Dominion (or anywhere else on earth), must want to make sure we know that they feature Floyd in their current issue. It’s listed twice on the cover.

Calling our town "A Magical Hideout," the story says Floyd is "unlike" any other community in Virginia. Ah, the value of understatement.

The story features a full-page photo of John Winnike’s band playing at Oddfellas Cantina along with another photo of restaurant owner Rob Neukirch and the expected emphasis on the area’s arts and crafts community.

As puff pieces go, not a bad effort. They even mention Floyd’s blogging community: Fred First, Colleen Redman, Scott Perry, David St. Lawrence and some flake named Thompson.

Pick up a copy. It will look good on the coffee table.