When it costs $60.00 to fill up a Jeep Wrangler, you know you’ve got trouble right here in Blue Ridge city. And that starts with "T" and that rhymes with "G" and that stands for "gas."

Each year, as the summer travel season approaches, oil companies find an excuse to raise gas prices: An oil refinery goes down, a purported "threat" emerges in an oil-producing nation or demand spikes.

When oil prices rise on the international market, oil companies pass the increase on to consumers immediately. We see it at the pump within a day or two. When oil prices drop on the same market, it takes weeks, sometimes months, for the drop to make it to our local gas station.

Our President is a product of the oil business and he takes care of his friends, not the people he took an oath to serve.

So the madness continues — and it will continue until we, as consumers, find a way to wean ourselves off the mother’s teat of petroleum.

Michelle Morris, who owns Oddfellas Cantina with husband Rob Neukirch, told me the other day they are planning to buy a hybrid to cut down on gas costs. We’re looking at alternatives to heating our home with propane: Solar, wind generation, geo-thermal or prehaps a combination.

But it will take much, much more. If history is any guide, we will need many more crises before action becomes the rule and not the exception.