Mike KovicI love shooting musicians and singers performing at Frank and Sally Walker’s Cafe del Sol.

The dramatic backdrop of colorful art illuminated by natural light streaming in from the coffee shop’s large windows is a photographer’s dream.

That’s why I had to include more shots from Friday’s shoot while prowling the streets of Floyd.

Windfall (above), minus the lilting voice of Kari Thomas Kovic, are always worth a listen. I first encountered their music in 2004 while photographing the late, unlamented Spring into Summer festival. Called Brother Wind" in those days, the band featred guitarist Dave Fason, mandolin and fiddle player Michael Kovic (right) and Kari. Their harmony and music while singing on the courthouse lawn fascinatedme and I told Amy later that day "you’ve got to hear these folks."

Shooting in the Floyd County Store is also much improved, thanks to the many improvements in staging, sound and lighting by owner Woody Crenshaw and Friday night gave me a good chance to shoot the Jugbusters up close and personal (below).