Monday’s thunderstorm and hail left our driveway a rut-filled mess. I got home too late Monday to deal with it and faced a long day Tuesday covering the board of supervisors for The Floyd Press.

But daylight remained when I arrived back at Chateau Thompson Tuesday so I pulled the DR Power Grader out of the garage, hooked it up to the John Deere and started the 90-minute process of restoring the driveway.

I’ve praised the DR before but it continues to amaze me with its ability to bring a gravel driveway back after the ravaging effects of a hard rain. After multiple passes down the 35 percent grade the ruts faded under a redistribution of fresh dirty and gravel. By nightfall, the smoothness of the driveway returned and it put the grader back in the garage, connected the battery charger and headed for the hot tub to soak my aching muscles.

Mission accomplished.