Returning from an afternoon walk Saturday, I stopped at the bottom of the yard and gazed, as I often do, at home. This was our first view of the house that would become our home in Floyd County. We may have decided to buy it based on this view alone. I’m not sure of that but I do know that I never tire of looking at it when returning home after a long day or just turning around and looking back up the hill when I venture down to pick up the mail.

The house may be too big for two people and the huge expanse of yard may be a pain in the butt to mow and the surrounding woods may leave limbs all over the place after a storm but none of that matters at times like this.

After a nomadic life of too many addresses, too many moves and too little time to just relax and enjoy where we lived, coming home to this place on the hill has more meaning than I can ever explain.

My apologies for boring readers with yet another postcard shot of Chateau Thompson but it’s home and we love it.