Grateful Dead cover band The Kind celebrated its 26th Anniversary with a show that literally rocked The Pine Tavern Pavilion on Saturday, March 10.

The wooden pavilion shook from the pounding of the dancers –some with moves that consisted of just jumping up and down on the floor and sending shock waves through the structure.  This translated into lots of vibration for the two tripod-mounted video cameras so it took a lot of work in Adobe After Affects to remove most of the jerkiness and obtain a more or less stable image.

An enthusiastic but inebriated fan pounded the front of the stage, jostled the tripods, knocked the field recorder off the edge of the stage three times.  Ah, the problems of live shooting of rock music.

Still, good music and a good time for the first show of the season at the Pine, courtesy of restaurant owner Reed Embrey and promoter Tom Ryan of The Republic of Floyd.

Here’s a clip of “The Music Never Stopped.”  More to come when I have time to edit.

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