Two public hearings before the Floyd County Board of Supervisors Tuesday: One of an amended ordinance to raise the exemption limits for elderly and disabled to qualify for a $200 real estate tax exemption and a second on raising the "security fee" that is charged in court costs for convictions in traffic and criminal courts.

The turnout: Zero. Nada. Zilch. Nobody.

This happens often, particularly when the Supervisors hold a hearing during the day — a time when most people are at work. Whether by design or by desire to not work evenings, the Supervisors mostly during the day and seldom hold evening public hearings. Even when they do, the crowds are small. An evening hearing at the high school on this year’s tax increase (the second in three years) broght out a small crowd and all of them spoke about cutting the teachers’ raise from six percent to three percent. No one addressed the tax increase itself.

Yet voters expressed their dissatisfaction at the polls in the recent GOP caucus, turning out two incumbent Supervisors.

Go figure.