A comment back on my earlier rant about why is it so important that someone be “from here” noted that people who move to Floyd County often criticise the locals for driving too slow.

Valid complaint. I often top a hill and come up on someone cruising along at a sedate 35 mph, not because their car or truck won’t go any faster but simply because they refuse to drive at a more rapid clip.

Interstates have minimum speeds. Not so country roads and if they did at least a third of the locals would be under it.

Do folks around here drive too slow? Some do. Some also drive too fast. And far too many come around curves on the wrong side of the double-yellow line. Folks at the county rescue squad say there’s been far too many head-on crashes this year caused by drivers being on the wrong side of the road.

Think about it. Two cars driving at 55 mph hit head on. That’s equal to running into a brick wall at 110 mph, which means the odds of surviving are nil.

Even two people driving at 35 mph are gonna get hurt (and likely killed) if they meet head-on because their combined speed at collision time is 70.

Yes, some folks around here drive too slow. But too many other drive stupid and that’s far more dangerous.