After a number of complaints about the short green light at the bridge construction project on U.S. 221 north of Floyd, I visited the site and timed the light.  Sure enough, the green each ways is on for only 15 seconds.

That allows three, maybe four cars to get through before the light changes. On Friday night, as many cars headed into town for the Jamboree, the backup at the construction site at 221 and Franklin Pike numbers a dozen or more cars and trucks backed up each way. Those in the rear needed two, sometimes three, cycles of the light to get through.

Because the ligth has a 30-second lag time between the red appearing in one direction before a green appears in the other way, a three cycle delay can mean five minutes or more.

I put a call in to Bob Beasley, VDOT’s resident highway engineer and followed it up with an email to see if something can be done about the light.  I’ll let everyone know what he says.

UPDATE (7/24/07): Beasley says he has sent his project engineer out to check on the stoplight timing.