The mystery surrounding a new web site about Floyd has been solved and, as happens too often with the Internet, it turned out to be not what it claimed.

Someone with a hidden agenda leased web space on a web server and then installed a script that sent out a false redirect and tried to point the phony site back to a non-existent server that used one of my domain names. I’ve removed my links to the web site and urged others to do the same. We sent a cease and desist notice to the company that really hosted the web site and it was taken off the web within 15 minutes of receiving the notice.

I suspect someone was trying to cause embarassment to Floyd’s blogging community but their plan has backfired because an alert and tech-savvy reader brought the ruse to my attention.

The lawyers take over now and payback will be a bitch. The person or persons behind this debacle are around to learn an expensive and painful lesson in web ethics.