FloydFest is more than music. It’s food, camping, fellowship and lots of vendors selling lots of different things.

Vendors like Floyd Potter Tom Phelps (above) whose booth is always a popular place for those looking for face pots and the like.

Some vendors provide services. BlueNova Computing (right) set up a CyberCafe so Internet addicts could get check their email and fulfil their online fix.

Vendor tents stretch down both sides fo the main staging area of the festival and down into the Global Village where the non-profits were exiled this year so the more commercial ventures could cater to the main crowd.  That left some grumbling.

But the grumbling reached the main area as well when power to an entire line of booths went down Friday because a food establishment kept tripping breakers. One unhappy vendor started referring to the event as "GlitchFest" but others took it in stride.

Phelps says he always sells a lot of pottery at FloydFest. Others say their business is down this year. Depends on who you ask.

FloydFest wraps up Sunday afternoon with a concert by Railroad Earth.