You know you’re in trouble when the doctor ends every sentence with "for your age."

The broken left foot, suffered on the opening day of FloydFest and ignored because I thought I was walking around on a sprain, is taking longer than I would like to heal but the doc says it’s healing on a schedule "that’s expected for someone of your age."

Which means slowly.

I ventured into town twice this week and I’m paying for it. Couldn’t find a comfortable position to sleep. Can’t walk.

Amy says I’m crankier than normal and that’s saying a lot.

Had to cancel a long-scheduled and eagerly anticipated trip to Washington to participate in the Media Giraffe Conference. Doc said no to travel.

So I tried covering two trials in Floyd County Court in the last two weeks and wrote both stories while in pain and with painkillers in my system. Looking at them now, neither story was very good. Got testy with some commenters on Muse. Screwed up on other things.

Not my best two weeks.

Hopefully, the doc will have better news on Monday.

Legendary pitcher Satchel Paige once said that dealing with old age was simply a case of mind over matter.

"If I don’t mind, it don’t matter," he said.

With apologies to Satchel, I do mind and it does matter.