The sign on the door of Shortt’s Fitness Center on Virginia Rte. 8 just outside Floyd says it all:

This business will close on August 10.

Shortts closed its doors Friday, leaving the county seat town of Floyd with no fitness center and the county with just one (Turman Sports Complex in Willis).

The clockers and watchers sip their coffee and offer a number of explanations:

1–In a county where many of those those who must work for a living hold down two or three jobs, those same people are just too busy to go to a gym;

2–Those who work in Roanoke or the New River Valley go to gyms near their jobs;

3–More and more people buy exercise equipment for their homes and just don’t need a gym.

Some former members of Shortts say the gym drove itself out of business. Membership renewals were seldom, if ever, mailed and payments got lost.

Whatever the reason, a business in town has failed and now people wonder if others will follow.  Uncertain economies often increase such speculation.