Tuesday’s rain storm blew through Floyd County with what seemed, at the time, moderate winds and some downpour but, as storms go, it didn’t appear that bad.

Until Amy left for a trip to Christiansburg and called to say a tree from an adjoining property had fallen across Greenbriar Lane.

I don’t know if the wind or lighting brought down the top half of the large oak tree but the remains straddled the road, sprawled out like a drunken dinosaur. Too late to do anything about it on Tuesday so I grabbed tools and headed down the hill to tackle the problem first thing Wednesday morning.

As bad luck would have it, my chain saw threw a chain and I hadn’t had time to run over to C’Burg to buy a replacement so I surveyed the damage to see if I could somehow move the tree without cutting it up. The fall left several large chucks of oak on the road. It had knocked down a number sign that points to our house and our neighbor further up Greenbriar.

I wrapped a logging chain around one chunk of oak and used the winch on my Wrangler to pull it free, then towed it out of the way.  A larger chunk, however, appeared heavier than the Jeep so I pulled into the adjacent field, lashed the back bumper of the Jeep to a tree and winched it out of the road.

That turned out to be the easy part. Raking up all the extraneous branches, leaves and debris filled the wagon of our utility tractor several times over and I carted each load off to the mulch pile.

Ah, the country life.