Mark Warner’s town meeting in Floyd: July 2005

One of the side benefits of my profession is that I get to shoot politicians for a living.

With a camera, of course.

Of all the photos I’ve shot of politicians around the world over the years, my two favorites were taken right here in Floyd and both involved former governor and now Senator Mark Warner.

In July 200, then Gov. Warner came to Floyd to hold a town meeting at the Floyd Country Store. The faces of four occupants of the front row — Floyd town council member Mike Patton and supervisors Jerry Boothe, Kerry Whitlock and David Ingram — told the story more than the 850 words that I wrote for The Floyd Press.

In November 2007, when Tim Kaine ran to follow Warner as Governor, they both came back to the Country Store on a Friday night and jammed with the Jugbusters on stage during the Jamboree.  Kaine is a fair harmonica player but the general conclusion after the performance of the Waner-Kaine duo was that they should never be let near stringed instruments again.

Kaine is running for Senator this year, which makes us wonder if he and Warner will make a return visit before November’s election.

Mark Warner and Tim Kaine at the Friday Night Jamboree: November 2007


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